Group news:



     The Mesoscopic Physics Laboratory (MPL) in Southern University of Science and Technology(SUSTech), led by Prof. Liyuan Zhang, and our group’s research interest lies in experimental exploring and understanding the classical and quantum physical laws governing electrons, spins and photons in various low dimensional materials and the artificial systems, with the aim to uncover novel quantum phenomena and new states of matter and to excavate new applications in future electronic devices. 

    MPL is based in SUSTC Department of Physics and the Laboratory for Characterizing and Measurement (LCM). Currently, we mainly focus on electronic transport with layered 2-D materials (like as Topological Insulator, Semimetal, graphene, transition metal chalcogenide,  Superconductor, ferromagnets, ferroelectrics etc.). Some of our work utilized a wide range method to make innovative devices (i.e. with artificially Van der Waals stacking heterostructure junction) with micro- and nanoscale manufacturing technologies; our goal is to discover the mesoscopic system and quantum physical phenomena lying in those novel artificial devices. We also appreciate the practical, artistic, and scientific interpretations of our research area, and strive to improve public understanding of science and technology through our outreach and education efforts. 

    We have openings for graduate and undergraduate students. If you would like to join us, please contact me ( and include your CV and a brief statement of interests. For Postdoctoral applicants also please attach your three most important publications. Availability changes frequently according to project needs and funding sources; however, we are always ready to meet the most outstanding candidates from all fields and areas of expertise.